Week Eight

I have to start this post off by talking about what we did at the end of this week in ICT…

At the beginning of the semester, Dr. Nantais gave an overview of what we would be learning throughout the course and mentioned that we’d be using robots at some point during the semester. At the time, the thought of using robots didn’t really interest me at all–I now know that I just had an outdated idea of what robots were 🤖 However, on Wednesday and Thursday, we were introduced to Sphero by fellow education student, Eleni Galatsanou. After the first day, I went home and told my husband how much fun I had, and  that I think we really need to buy one for our kids (more like for myself).

I don’t know a lot about computer sciences, but Eleni gave an excellent presentation about computer programming, coding and using Sphero. She directed us to several resources and lesson ideas for using it in our classrooms.

One of the resources Eleni gave us was Hour of Code . They offer several tutorials and activities for children of all ages on their website. I have heard of other teachers doing this, and I think for anyone beginning to think about implementing computer science into their teaching program, this is a great place to start.

Earlier in the week, Dr. Nantais showed us Storybird. This is a web based platform where you can create stories using images that are made available by other illustrators. I really liked this resource. I think it would be such an awesome way to introduce students to the writing process. In an early years classroom, you could use ‘storybird time’ in small groups or with the whole class. This could be a class project that you can publish and put in the school library. There is so much potential with this resource! Digital storytelling is a powerful way of encouraging students to share and create their learning. It gets them excited in their learning, and I think will allow them to be more engaged.

I came across the graphic below on Pinterest. It lists several tech tools (some of which Dr. Nantais has already shared with us), but I like how each of the tools are organized according to task. The woman who created the image, also has a blog called Cult of Pedagogy . I really encourage you to check it out. On the blog, she shares an extensive list of tech resources as well as her rationale for using them in the classroom. I learn so much from reading other educators blogs. It’s so helpful for me to see what other teachers are actually doing in their classrooms and how they implement certain strategies, especially if I am unfamiliar with them, or uncertain about how I could use them in my own teaching.

Cult of Pedagogy.png


One thought on “Week Eight

  1. Spheros are fun! Thanks for linking to the blog – I follow it, but am so far behind in reading blogs that I forgot about it! Very good, informative post.


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