Week Seven

This week in ICT was dedicated to creating a film using video editing software. Working together in a group, we started off by coming up with the idea for our video which was  “a day in the life of a student” (a popular choice, I gather). We decided that we would shoot our own footage with our own devices and then make a mash up of our day by editing it into a 2 minute video. This seemed like a great idea, but when we actually went to upload the video, things became a little bit complicated. Getting all of our video footage on one device became a difficult task — it involved Airdrop, USB’s and e-mail. Eventually, we got all of our footage uploaded one way or another. Given the choice to use Microsoft Movie Maker or iMovie, our group decided to go with iMovie. Considering that myself, nor any of my group members were familiar with iMovie we really thought the editing process was going to be much more difficult than it actually ended up being. But once Dr. Nantais showed us a few tricks, it was smooth sailing after that. By no means are we now experts in video editing, but as a group, we managed to create a cute (and sort of professional looking) little video. In fact, over the weekend, my son was in a hockey tournament, and unfortunately, my husband couldn’t be there to watch him so I made sure to record his games. When I went to send my husband the videos, they were too long  and included footage that my son wasn’t in, so I decided to edit the video to iMovie, and even added some slow-mo for effect! Using iMovie wasn’t so bad after all, and I actually think I’d like to incorporate making videos with my students should the opportunity present itself.


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