Week Six

This week we continued to explore different resources for digital storytelling…

For our tech task this week, we needed to come ready with at least 10 photos. Dr. Nantais then introduced us to Animoto, which is a video creation service that allows you to make video slideshows using a selection of your own photos. It was very simple to use and the result is a really professional video. This tool would allow you to make an engaging end-of-year video slideshow for your students that you could either send to parents, or upload to a classroom blog.  Our children spend so much of their lives at school, being able to capture and share photos of them with their families is definitely something I will do for my own students. I know as a parent, I would appreciate this so much.

We also took a look at Windows Movie Maker and iMovie which are two video editing software applications. These tools are user friendly and make it easy to edit and produce movies. You can add titles, music and visual effects to enhance them as well. From a early years perspective, I think only myself as the teacher would be able to use this technology. But in a middle or senior years classroom, movie making applications offer another creative alternative for students to demonstrate their learning.

Dr. Nantais gives these ideas for ways to use movie making applications in the classroom:

  • create full length movies – including writing the script, shooting, editing, and final production
  • newscasts (for school or local Access TV
  • stop motion movies
  • reenactments of historical events
  • safety videos, or videos with an important message
  • write skits or plays and record them

(taken from Moodle)

This week, we also finished reading Kathy Cassidy’s book Connected from the Start. In it, she gave a lot of useful information and resources for us to consider as we plan for our own classroom program. I also recently stumbled upon another blogger named Matt Miller. He has an awesome website called  Ditch That Textbook, and offers his e-book for free. Even if you aren’t convinced to incorporate technology in the way that Kathy Cassidy, or Matt Miller has, I do think it’s helpful to see how it can done by real classroom teachers.


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