Week Five

To kick off the week, we did a pop quiz using a web based game on the website, Kahoot. It was actually pretty fun to take part in! Kahoot allows you to create multiple choice questions in any subject for the whole class to answer on their own device or computers. This activity would be an excellent way to quickly assess your students understanding on any given topic.

For the remainder of the week, we explored digital storytelling which is  the use of  tools to share a story, or message. We are in a era where digital storytelling has become a very powerful medium because it involves the use of many different formats that can enhance the experience of the viewer, and anyone can create and share a digital story with relative ease.

Some of the formats to create a digital story include:

  • Slideshows
  • Digital pictures
  • Animation
  • Video
  • Digital books
  • Audio
  • Podcast

(this list was taken from Dr. Nantais’s Multimedia in the Classroom!  Prezi slideshow that he used to introduce digital storytelling)

Our tech task this week was to find an image to express what ‘learning is…’ Dr. Nantais directed us to  Compfight to find an image that we can freely use under a Creative Commons license. We then used the web app Pixlr to add text over our chosen image.

This was a quick and easy task, and produced a visually pleasing final product. I think it could be a really effective assignment to use for older students who are learning about metaphors and imagery in an ELA class.

Check out my final product:

Adrianne Rome .jpg

Tip: Another great site to do this type of photo editing is Canva, which is a graphic art and image editing app. It is modern, very user friendly, and simple to use.


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