Week Four

In my last post, I had indicated that I was warming up to the idea of using an e-Portfolio for myself, but also for my future students. Coincidentally, in Chapter 5 of the text we are required to read for class, the author, Kathy Cassidy, discusses her rationale for using a digital portfolio with her elementary students. She provides links to many of the resources she uses that allow her students to share their learning in their portfolio. However, I still remain on the fence as to whether this is something I want to do in my own classroom. There is no question that I think a student portfolio is essential for sharing a student’s work as well as their achievements throughout the school year, but to commit to doing this in a digital format is something that still overwhelms me. I can certainly appreciate that Kathy is able to do this successfully in her classroom, but I feel as though being new teacher, I  would first want to get a handle on more traditional ways of creating a student portfolio before taking the leap to creating them digitally. I realize 💯 that literacy using ICT is very important in a child’s learning, but at this point, I would incorporate technology in my own classroom in a much more conservative way.

For my elective this term, I chose Multi-Level Classroom Management. Our teacher, Devon Caldwell is pretty amazing and has shared so many tech resources with us. She uses a lot of ICT in her classroom practice, not only with us, but with her Kindergarten students as well. Between our ICT class with Dr. Nantais, and Ms. Caldwell’s, I have learned of so many awesome resources to use in my own teaching practice. Before this term, I would have considered myself ICT illiterate and really didn’t have much to offer in my first teaching placement in terms of incorporating ICT in any of my lesson plans. Now I’m looking forward to lesson planning for my next placement using some of the ideas I’ve got from Dr. Nantais, Kathy Cassidy’s book, and Devon Caldwell to enhance my planning.

Here is a link to Devon’s website as well as her blog that may be useful for you, too!


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