Week Three

This week in ICT began with guest speaker, John Finch, who is the coordinator for the Learning Support and Technology Unit with Manitoba Education. He came to scare us speak with us about copyright law in Canada and how it affects us as teachers.

What I learned:

It is our role and responsibility to adhere to the copyright laws that dictate everything from how we display our students’ artwork, to the resources we are able to use in our classrooms. Mr. Finch’s talk was eye opening for me with regards to just how stringent copyright laws actually are. However, I do understand that, as teachers, we must be aware of and respect copyright laws in order to avoid infringing on them.

Mr. Finch left us with the booklet, Copyright Matters, which outlines some questions and answers for teachers with regards to the Canadian Copyright Act.

This week we also began talking about creating a professional web presence. e-Portfolios are a great resource for myself as a teacher candidate to showcase my skills and express myself as an individual. In addition to a regular portfolio, an e-portfolio will provide an opportunity to share things with a potential employer that I may not otherwise be able to express in an interview. I think this is an especially useful resource because it allows the potential employer to recall information about you without having to request to see your portfolio again. By sharing your e-Portfolio link, they can access your information at any time. As teachers, our resumes and personal profiles are living documents. We are constantly enhancing our learning through further education and professional development workshops that offer new insights, which may even alter or personal philosophies of teaching. In this sense, e-Portfolios are an efficient way to edit, update and share our professional evolution.

Dr. Nantais shared several web platforms that we can choose from to create our e-Portfilios which I’ll share below ⇩

Google Sites

Personally, I’m leaning towards using Weebly to create a personal website. This way, I’ll be able to create a modern, visually appealing place to organize and share my portfolio. I think one of the most surprising things I learned this week is that it actually isn’t that hard to create a good website and the idea is something I’m really warming up to, not only for myself, but also as a tool for my future students.


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